EasyCoins - How does it work?

Along with increasing number of weeks or months of studying
you collect increasing number of EasyCoins.

How can I get my EasyCoins?

create your profile and log into

browse a course of your interest:

English course > you can choose the length of the course

vocational course (college) or university program > the length sticks to the course

collect your EasyCoins by choosing up to 3 different types of courses on quote

check on your personal quote how many EasyCoins you earned

Before you can use your EasyCoins

proceed with pre-booking instructions

apply for your course

wait for your school confirmation Letter of Offer

pay for your course using Easy Australia on-line payment option

What to do with my EasyCoins?

use your EasyCoins to reduce price of your:




other services

You can even have it for FREE!


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