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Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

A Monash law degree offers a realistic way to make a difference in the world. This straight-from-school law course will enable you to join the next generation of high achieving lawyers, with the ability to solve complex, demanding and interesting problems. Whatever the field of law, international law, intellectual property, criminal law, human rights law, biotechnology law, tax or family law, lecturers at Monash will challenge you to develop career-ready skills in legal research, analysis and persuasive written and oral communication.

Freshly redesigned to accommodate the needs of the legal profession, the Monash law degree reflects contemporary innovations in legal education. You will learn the key concepts, principles, procedures and methodologies underpinning the Australian legal system, and acquire advanced knowledge of the sources of law, the principal areas of law, and broader but related perspectives including legal ethics and justice. The study of law will enhance your research, analytical and communication skills within legal and related contexts, enabling you to develop a broad range of professional capabilities.

Monash Law will offer you a wide range of options, including the choice of a double degree course. While a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) is a fine start to your career, you can enhance your career options and professional expertise by combining it with another degree from a range of other disciplines including arts, global studies, biomedical science, commerce, engineering, music or science. The combined degrees can be completed in two years less time than if they were undertaken separately.

In the elective component of the law degree you can choose from a large number of specialist law units, study overseas and undertake work-based learning. You will have the opportunity to study at the Monash Prato Centre in Italy, our campus in Malaysia and leading partner universities overseas, exposing you to brilliant minds around the world and enhancing your global perspectives. You can also gain practical work-based experience through the legal clinical programs at our community legal service centres, and through internships, enabling you to understand how theory comes alive in practice.

Graduates who are admitted to legal practice can work as independent barristers or as solicitors in small or large law firms. They can also provide legal advice within law reform agencies, government and non-government organisations and private corporations. A law degree is also an excellent preparation for diverse law-related careers within the judiciary, government, media, business, industry and politics. The bachelor's degree is a pathway to post-graduate study at the master's or doctoral level. Indeed, high achieving students have the opportunity to choose one or two master's units in their final year, creating an opportunity to complete a master's degree in less than one year after graduation.

The Bachelor of Laws (Honours) is recognised by the Victorian Legal Admissions Board (VLAB) as satisfying the academic requirements for admission to practice in Victoria as an Australian lawyer. But no law degree will enable you to practise law immediately. To do so, you must complete additional practical training as an articled law clerk, or as a candidate for a Diploma in Legal Practice. 

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First Semester AUD17,650.00
Total duration 48 MONTH(S)
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Clayton is the largest of Monash University's campuses. Eight faculties are represented here. The campus offers a rich array of sporting, cultural, and educational events and facilities, and has a proud record of achievement in fostering collaborative research projects.


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